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Monday, March 5, 2012

My 30 Day Challenge--Dum Dum Dummmm!!!

Hello Darlins, it's been a long time...(Imagine my best Conway Twitty Voice). I cannot believe that I have not written one single post since Chris and I got engaged. In an effort to regain some momentum, here is a quick recap:
First, we got engaged!
(On top of the Stratosphere right after Chris proposed.)
Then we got hitched!
(My favorite picture!)

and Now...life is back to normal! 
(This was at Pappadeaux in Houston right before we saw Alabama in concert at the Houston Rodeo.)

Which brings me to my next "project"--my 30 Day Challenge. What is this challenge you ask? I'm going to go 30 days without eating one bite of anything that is made in a restaurant. That's right folks, I'm not eating out for 30 days! Why, you ask? I have three reasons. First, I have blown every single diet I have been on in the last 5 years because we eat out too much, particularly on the weekends. Second, I associate food and socialization entirely too closely. I need to learn to have fun and do things that don't center around food. Last, I think this will be a great way to save some money and create/try a few new recipes! I'm going to blog about this challenge as often as possible and give you the recipes, or links to recipes, that I make each day for dinner. Additionally, I'll tell you how hard, or easy this is, as well as how much weight I lose (assuming I lose some weight.) Today, I started my challenge with a trip to the grocery store and made my first new recipe.
This is where the magic happens! 
(Might I mention how excited I am to use all the gadgets we got as wedding gifts!?)

DAY 1--March 5th
Skinny Doritos Taco Bake and Lemon Broccoli

(The finished product!)
I really liked this dish. It was very easy, very tasty, and is only 320 calories per serving! For the broccoli, I simply made the Steam-In-Bag Broccoli and added 1 tbsp of margarine, lemon pepper, salt, and garlic. Deelish!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure...we'll see if this lasts. You know I am the queen of the "10 Minute Diet."
The New Mrs. Watson/The Former Miss Hutchins :)

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