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Monday, February 7, 2011

What has this world come to? and My Weekend!

So, I have recently decided that this world is full of inpatient, mouthy people who have a great need to comment on all things that displease them. I thought we lived in the South! I thought people here were supposed to be demure, sweet, and patient. I thought we didn't comment on displeasing things and people, in order to create content and peace. That is DEFINITELY not the case! The other day, as I patiently waited in line to cross the railroad tracks on my way home from work, this man decided that he didn't like my waiting behind the white safety line in front of the tracks. He wanted to turn right, dangit!, and he wasn't going to let me stop him. He blew his horn twice and then peeled out to go around me. He then proceeded to honk at me the entire way down the street. Isn't it my right to observe warning signs and lines so my car doesn't get crushed by the automatic arm that comes down when a train is coming!? Jerk! My next encounter, though equally as frustrating, is not an uncommon occurrence. As I was driving home the other night, I realized my right headlight was out. I was in the left lane, on a highway where the left lane is not reserved just for passing, and a man in a huge truck (the kind that has humongous tires on it to compensate for the driver's lack of gifts in other places, I assume) got right behind me and started shining his brights on me, so I would move over. Obviously, I did just the opposite. I was going the speed limit, but trying to be cautious so I didn't attract attention to me and my malfunctioning headlight. I held my ground and made him wait for the perfect time to go around me. My last reference to why I feel this frustration toward my SA peers is as follows: Chris and I were leaving the grocery store on Friday. Chris walked OUT the ENTRANCE...dum dum dum! This older gentleman felt the need to comment to his wife, "that guy just walked out the entrance." It caused the couple to have to wait approximately 5 seconds before entering the grocery store. His wife proceeded to give him an approving nod, and Chris a disapproving one. Really!? Does that really warrant comment?

So blog followers, today I offer this advice. It is as much for the peace and content of our world, as it is for my mental health. Please show patience, kindness, and respect for your fellow man/woman! Before you blow your gasket over something petty, think about the severity of the situation. Does it really warrant comment, insults, yelling, or rudeness? Probably not!

On a lighter note--I truly enjoyed my long weekend!! Here are a few notes:
1. Big shout out to Chris, and his friend Richard, for placing in the local SABA bowling tournament at Bandera Super Bowl!
2. I found the Superbowl commercials very disappointing--except for the Volkswagen commercial with the kid dressed like Darth Vader (sp)! Hilarious! Please don't even get me started on the disaster that was The Black Eyed Peas or Christina A...Ridiculous!
3. Thank goodness the South Texas sunshine came back! It was getting a bit depressing around these parts!
Our house with snow!!

4. I highly recommend Chacho's chicken breast quesadilla on their whole grain tortillas. Delicious and very filling!
5. For some ungracious reason, I woke up at 5:45 am on Sunday morning. Though an early morning gym workout was great, I especially enjoyed the trip to Target for fake lemons, and my pancakes, that followed!
Okay, so now that you're updated on my life over the last few days, I'm calling my blog for the day COMPLETE!


  1. Thanks for venting and I whole-heartedly agree! People have gotten in such a damned hurry lately!
    Don't worry about your lack of sleep yesterday, as I slept in till 10:00 and got enough for the both of us...hated it! Keep'em coming Lyndsey!

  2. Ughh sounds like Boston! Your blog is so fun to read! Keep it coming sista