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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My cold weather family!

In the spirit of this brutally cold weather, I thought I would take a moment to introduce my big, Italian family. They live in Massachusetts, and somehow manage to brave this crazy, cold weather year after year. They do things like jumping into the Atlantic Ocean the day after Thanksgiving (Paul & Stephen), rooting for teams like the Celtics and Patriots (Go Spurs Go!), and say things like "Paaaahk the caaah in the yaad." So, for your viewing pleasure, here they are:

Here are a few funny stories and facts you should know:
1. Annmarie is my only girl cousin (besides my beautiful cousins-in-law and sweet Paige) on this side, and because she is amazing, she is my best friend! However, she is still very bitter that when I was two, I ate her lipstick!
2. Stephen and Lauren's turtle, Myrtle, is featured on their annual Christmas card, and is 23 years old (approximately).
3. Chris is currently my favorite cousin because he is the only one who has come to visit me in the last four years!
4. Paige is beautiful and so sweet! She is a fantastic dancer and has awesome parents!
5. Emily is super-smart, crazy cute, and also has great parents! She likes to sing "Grease Lightning" and wear bandannas and sunglasses.
6. I love my Aunts and Uncles! Uncle Vito used to take me for Chocolate Milk and donuts on Saturday mornings, when we lived in their basement apartment...thank you UV for making me an overweight child! :) I enjoyed every bite!
I could go on and on about the great memories I have, but that would make for a VERY long blog post. I miss these faces like crazy, and I cannot wait to visit them soon! Just remember, planes fly in both directions! AND, it will probably be warmer here than there...probably!


  1. That was great, keep'em coming Lyndsey!

  2. Wait - I have been to Texas.... was it more than 4 years ago??? Ugh time flies.

  3. Ok... I'm following... I expect a dedicated article now! ;)