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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Weather and Texans DO NOT Mix!!

Here's what cold weather does to Texans:
1. As soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees we turn into whiny, inconsolable children who can't talk about anything except how cold it is.
2. Our skin gets all scaly and dry because we're not used to cold air, or the heater! Our noses get dry and we continue with #1 on the list.
3. If we get any moisture, combined with cold temperatures, and there is ANY ice or snow, we immediately shut down businesses, schools, etc, and stay inside like we're awaiting the Apocalypse!
4. We CANNOT drive! There will be at least a 30 minute delay driving to work because of wrecks and malfunctioning traffic lights.
5.The power companies conduct mandatory rolling blackouts because our generators can't handle the cold weather and heat required to keep the Texans from turning into icicles!
4. It makes us appreciate our 100 degree summers!

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  1. True, so true....Once when I was in SA on a windy windy day, I went to Barnes and Nobels and the sign on the door said they were closed due to the weather...lol