Follow me as I take you through a 20-something's life in San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country, and the "Great State" in general. I'll talk about all the adventures Texas has to offer, how I managed to gain 10+ pounds on deeeelicious Mexican food, and so much more! I don't ever sit still and it makes for some pretty interesting stories!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Linda!

First on my list of introductions is my Mamacita! I chose to put her on my blog as my first "guest" for two reasons. First, she's my mother and she gave birth to me, so I felt it only right that I give her a big shout-out. I lovingly refer to her as "The Linda," much to her chagrin! Second, she's the only one who answered the phone when I called to ask permission to post her picture on my blog! :) My mother, a Massachusetts native, moved to Texas in 1983, after she married my Dad--Hutch, in a cold snowy wedding ceremony in MA. Three years later, there I was! We lived in South Texas my entire life, and I have fond memories of the flat landscape, large bugs, and humidity that made up my childhood. The Linda still lives in Beeville, works for the State, and takes care of my beautiful grandmother--Meme. More on Meme to come. Five years ago, my dad died of a rare blood disorder called A plastic Anemia. My mother was, and is, a rock for our family! She is a beautiful woman, with a funny accent, a great sense of humor, and she can cook like a pro. She can turn any conversation into a "why aren't you married yet" guilt trip...but secretly I love it! She's the type of mom who shows up at my house with a grocery bag full of stuff to make us dinner, still tries to give me gas money (even though I've been gainfully employed for 2.5 years now), and babysits my dog for 3 weeks at a time!


  1. What do you mean funny accent??

  2. Hey Lyndsey - I love your new blog... Keep it up girl!
    xoxo Lauren

  3. I love this! I'm also glad to see you writing! You have always been so good at it!