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Monday, January 31, 2011

I have a name Lyndsey!

On Saturday, at 2:30 pm, as I walked aimlessly through downtown SA looking for my car, I received an irritated phone call from Chris' brother, Greg. He announced that he "couldn't believe" that I hadn't talked about him yet in my blog, and that I called him "Chris' brother," on the one mention I did make of him. He actually said, "I have a name Lyndsey!" So, blog followers, today I introduce you to Greg, my oldest friend in the world (so I probably SHOULD have mentioned him by now), Chris' brother, boyfriend to Kierstin, MBA student at Texas State, and new SA resident!
Okay, so here are the top 10 things you need to know about Greg:

1. We've known each other for 12 years! We met in the 7th Grade in Life Management Skills. He was about 4 feet tall (slight exaggeration) and wore Carpenter Jeans from Old Navy, a braided belt, and plaid short sleeve shirts.
2. We went to Homecoming together our Freshman year of high school. After that, I had a crush on him for about 10 minutes...and then I met his brother! 
3. I take full credit for his #18 (I think) rank in high school, as he cheated off of me in every class we were in together, except math--I'm terrible at math. I also signed his mother's name on all of his progress reports, report cards, etc.
4.  He has a deviated septum (sp) so he's constantly blowing his nose and sounds like he has a cold. 
5. He's too lazy to cook, so he's skinny. I often find him at my house around dinner time...
6. He likes all sports, but LOVES basketball. There is no doubt that he'll have 5 kids, just enough for a basketball team.
7. He's afraid of heights. He knows that I HATE when people touch my neck, so he tries to, often!
8. Our family doesn't often like to take us out in public together, as we tend to embarrass each other and them!
9. He loves to watch movies, even chick-flicks.
10. He's a great friend, excellent boyfriend, stellar brother, wonderful son...I'm really trying to make up for my not mentioning him before this post. Can you tell?
And, as of this moment, he is on notice: anything you do going forward, is potentially blog-worthy material!! Be careful what you wish for Greggie!

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  1. Im with greg!!! C'mon Lynds you haven't even MENTIONED your Boston family yet. Ughhh