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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The BF (Boyfriend and Best Friend!)

Good morning blog followers (so exciting to have "followers")! Today I'm continuing with my introductions. I present to you my boyfriend, Chris--Mox to my MA family, and Bruce or Watson to his friends. For almost ten years, I've been looking at this face, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Two years ago we moved to San Antonio, and about a year and a half ago, we bought our very own house. It was a big, blank canvas, but we're making it our own. Together we have two children (he hates it when I call them that!):
Peachy (Left) turns two in February, and Bailey (Right) turns five in February! My babies are getting so big! Peachy, actually is huge and she slobbers on everything. The picture was taken on Christmas Eve. She sat in the backseat and drooled all over Chris' brother's gift the whole way home! (Ha!) Bailey has more attitude than a teenager...sometimes I swear he's a cat! His Aunty lovingly refers to him as Bailey Bullet because he's as fast as a bullet. Okay, back to Chris...Although I hate to admit it (to his face) Chris is way smarter than me, and proves it everyday by his great work, his knowledge of crazy tax-related, governmental, political things, and his endless desire to continue learning. He spoils me every chance he gets, and I love it!! We met in high school. We were on the tennis team together. One day, we were playing tennis and all of a sudden, he made his friend leave the court. Ok, that's weird. Then, we sat down and he looked into my eyes (maybe a slight over-exaggeration) and asked me out. I promptly replied that I had to ask my mom! We'll be together 10 years in March, thanks Mom! We consider ourselves a yin and yang. I'm high-strung and a worrier. He's laid back and calm. Together, we work!


  1. Peachy and Bailey are so cute and adorable! Do you still play tennis?


  2. Oh, thank you! Yes, I still play but not nearly as much as I should. Chris is always trying to get me out on the court...Hope all is well with you!