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Monday, May 16, 2011

Every emotion rolled into one!

So, as the new song goes, I'm an emotional mess 
(In mostly good ways)!!!!!!!!!

First, I find myself delighted with my new job! It's so refreshing not to feel that sense of dread every morning when the alarm clock goes off! Of course, I'd love to keep my eyes closed until at least 7 am, but duty calls...and I love it! What an awesome approach to management--treat your employees well and they'll treat the customers well. I've never worked with people who care so so much about the customers and their jobs. I can't wait until I'm fully trained (because I'm tired of Googling and Wikipedia-ing everything!) so that I too can fully immerse myself in all things Racker-related!

Next, I find myself disappointed and irritated at my former employer. Not only did I not receive a severance package, but they only paid me for accrued vacation! Not an ounce of compassion...I have no idea why I expected anything different, but oh well! My time there is done!!

Third, I have mixed emotions over Annmarie (cousin) and Aunty Franny's visit to Texas. I am so happy that they have come to visit us, but so sad that they leave Wednesday!
Here's what our time together has amounted to:
     Lots of delicious meals--in and out! We cooked an amazing dinner Friday night at my house: Annmarie made macaroni and cheese that was music to my mouth; Chris cooked the juiciest steaks and BBQ chicken; my aunt made a great cauliflower casserole, the Linda bought the groceries! Ha! I made the guacamole! :) We also took them to a great Mexican food restaurant-La Hacienda, a good burrito place-Chipotle (my fave), and of course our neighborhood haunt-Firewater Grille.
     Annmarie and I had a fair amount of success at the outlet mall on Saturday. Then we treated ourselves to a trip to the Dry Comal Creek Vineyard and did a wine tasting. We ended our day with a great meal at Z-Tejas!
     Lest I forget the time we've spent in the sun, enjoying my pool...so far the pool man has gotten it right this year! This leads me to a perplexing story about my dog (the little white one). Apparently he has some pent up emotion and likes to take out his anger on unsuspecting visitors to my backyard. The most recent occurrence: he chased my pool man through the backyard and forced him to jump the fence in order to maintain his safety. Note: Bailey weighs 23 lbs and is a poodle...he is frightening!
     Currently Annmarie and my Aunt are cruising the beach with the Linda! I am jealous! They'll be back tomorrow night for one last hurrah before they leave Wednesday. I plan to abuse my talented cousin's photography abilities and have her take local pictures for a design theme I have for my living room. Nothing like a good freebie if you ask me! Just a little shout out: www.acessaphoto.com.

My next emotion is...drum roll please...proud! Greg Watson graduated from Texas State on Thursday with his MBA! It's not often that I say nice things about Greg in public (we give each other such a hard time!) but I am proud of his accomplishment and would like to publicly salute him!

My last emotion for this post is...excitement! I'm so looking forward to the summer, my vacation in June, putting the final coat of paint on my bathroom walls (red is the hardest color in the world to paint),  and a few other things that I will have to wait to post on until they occur (everyone needs a few secrets!).

That being said, thank you blog followers for your messages and for reading my posts! I know its been quite some time since I last wrote, and I plan to get better at that! I promise that I'll post a few pictures and the final bathroom pics next week.


  1. Another good one...luv it!

  2. Glad all seems to be falling into place, and that you had a good time with Ree and F! Do you think you have a trip to Boston anytime soon?