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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unemployment, Part 1

Good morning blog followers! As I'm sure some of you  have already heard, I'm being laid-off. Which is code for "we're closing your office and because we're not smart enough to realize your potential, we're not making a spot for you anywhere else." I've gone through all the stages--crying, yelling, laughing, spite, bitterness, and now I've moved on to----MOVING ON! I'm ready for this new chapter in my life. I'm ready for a career, not just a job. I'm ready for responsibility, challenges, and excitement! So, what are my plans you ask? Well, I  intend to power wash, sand, and repaint our deck, paint our guest bathroom, attempt to groom our dog (to save some $$),  and learn to cook more challenging meals. In between, I plan on applying for every job that seems remotely interesting in hopes that I'll find my niche. While I'm not happy about the prospect of taking my rear down to the unemployment office (which I'm thinking will be very similar to waiting in line at the DMV) I realize that with a little perseverance, a lot of faith, and a little spunk I'll soon find my place in the career world! I'll keep you posted on my journey to finding a job in this great city of San Antonio!

On a personal note: this Sunday Chris and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary! What am I going to get him as a gift you ask??? I HAVE NO IDEA! Really, he's a man who requires NOTHING material and it gets harder every year to shop for him! Suggestions are more than welcomed!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll write on Monday with details of our anniversary weekend! I see wine and yummy food in my future! 


  1. Tenth anniversary! Congrats! Will and I just passed eight years!

    Hope you're coming to happy hour tonight still?

  2. Sorry to hear that Lyndsey. Some companies can't see the forest through the trees. The good thing is you can do your unemployment stuff online. No need to wait in line. I have gone through several job changes in my career and if I can help you out in any way, let your former favorite cousin know.

  3. I know you'll find the job that's right for you, with people who'll appreciate your skills and attitude...Best of luck on the odd jobs around the house in the meantime! :o)